The activity encompasses the field of technical counselling, international liaisons, production of designs and preparation of comprehensive appraisals on environmental impact in the frame of obtaining administration’s approvals, permits and licences.


The field of technical counselling integrates all the specialized knowledge, accumulated in various activities of the firm on solving complex problems of environmental protection, it includes especially:

  • technological development planning in the field of treatment of all kinds of wastewater, recycling and development of specific systems of water resources management
  • design of comprehensive contemporary mechanisms and programmes of management of all kinds of waste from the source of it up to the final deposition
  • feasibility studies and preliminary investment programmes of handling wastewater on superregional, regional and local levels
  • feasibility studies and preliminary investment programmes of handling wastewater and waste from manufacturing and industries

Technical sketch designs, tender documents and engineering of construction of structures and plants for handling the waste, especially:

  • technical and technological mechanisms for handling solid waste from settlements within regional centres
  • design solutions of stabilization, de-hydration and drying of sludge from the secondary and terciary treatment of municipal wastewater
  • specific technical mechanisms in the frame of thermic handling of solid waste from settlements: treatment, material exploatation and final disposal of residue from thermic treatment; optimal use of water resources; logistics of waste transport
  • technical and technological mechanisms of introduction of procedures of material and energy exploatation of waste from manufacturing and industries, combined with reconstruction of disposal dumps  • environmental amelioration programmes and integration of measures for comprehensive reduction of influence on environment for manufacturing technologies
  • counselling on the subject of setting up a system of management of environment in accordance with ISO 14001 Standard


Reports on environmental impact, which have to be produced to obtain Administration’s licences and permits due to planned intervention into environment, encompass comprehensive appraisals of environmental impacts, professional appraisals of impact on separate environmental parameters and preliminary appraisals of environmental impacts of planned interventions into environment. Our largest experience in appraisals of environmental impacts is:

  • in the field of complex environmental and public health impacts of existing specific industrial production
  • in the field of environmental impact of planned wastewater treatment plants
  • in the field of environmental impact of planned structures and plants for waste disposal in regional centres
  • in the field of environmental impact of planned structures for thermic processing and care of residue
  • in the field of environmental impact of irrigation of agricultural land
  • in the field of environmental impact of structures for external installations and services.


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