Treatment of urban and other municipal wastewater is becoming ever more important and urgent measure in the fight for a cleaner environment. As the investment costs as well as operational expenses of municipal wastewater treatment plants are rather high, it is our duty to lower these costs; a special care is given to energy balance sheet. For this reason we work constantly on improving the treatment plants:

  • determining elementary procedural parameters for the treatment plants, in the design  phase on pilot trial equipment
  • creating our own laboratory to better attend to existing treatment plants, to enact the newly built ones, and check the pilot equipment
  • introducing new and improved technologies and procedures of aerobic treatment and new anaerobic procedures of biological treatment and their combinations also into wastewater treatment
  • introducing aerobic thermophilic stabilization of sludge
  • improving procedures of dehydration and drying of sludge
  • training personnel working on wastewater treatment plants


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