Disposal is the last step in the complex process of dealing with waste. It is a very sensitive, irreversible intervention into natural environment. For this reason the contemporary concepts of dealing with waste set prevention of creation of new environmental burdens as a primary goal.

Today’s realities demand from us more than one practical solution, when dealing with waste disposal:

  • design and construction of disposal dumps in accordance with contemporary requirements in the field of handling the waste in the sense of a new intrusion into natural environment
  • reconstruction of existing disposal grounds, requiring a design of amelioration of momentary state with a simultaneous enlargement or vertical extension of disposal dump, built in accordance with contemporary principles
  • comprehensive solving of problems involving old environmental burdens. 

Individual kinds as well as groups of waste are categorized with regard to their long-term environmental hazard. The geological, geotechnical, hydrologic, population and other criteria for the selection of suitable location for the disposal dump, construction, operation and closing of the dump also take into account their properties; they have to be researched, comparatively assessed and appraised. We design a contemporary disposal dump as civil engineering structure: sealing of bottom and the sides is carried out with combinations of newly developed sealants, covering and recultivation are carefully harmonized with designed technology and dynamics of disposal, catchment of oozing waste is solved through a system of drains, when required degassing system is installed.

The operation of disposal dump is planned together with all accompanying activities, such as system of receiving the waste, preliminary processing, storing, control of precipitation and de-icing. The technological solutions of processing oozing wastewater are a product of our own know-how.


Reliable design solutions, based on hydrogeological, geotechnical and construction measures as well as thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the waste, take care of long-term reduction of an existing disposal dump’s influence on environment. We assure the technical conditions for further use as disposal dump on the same location, always in accordance with requirements in force at the moment.  OLD BURDENS Comprehensive solving of old burdens is based on our own technological solutions and technical and technological experience in the field of comprehensive environmental protection. We assure technically, environmentally and economically optimal solutions, starting with research and production of professional data base, through working and processing up to one of the forms of final deposition.




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