Hidroinženiring d.o.o. has a long tradition in the fields of general hydrotechnics, treatment of urban and industrial wastewater, final disposal of specific types of hazardous waste and treatment of old environmental burdens. Since 1971 already, it is in the business of solving complex problems in the field of environmental protection for the State, local communities, industries and other production and services firms.

Its activities span from design over execution of preparatory works, production of technical and technological solutions, preparation of tender documentation to being in charge of construction and on site assembly of plant and equipment. Interdisciplinary approach, experience and high educational level of personnel enable us to successfully follow every new development in technologies, dealing with environmental issues, thus enabling us to effectively manage water and waste. At the same time we never forget to use ground in a natural way and protect water resources, that are and shall always be the key factor for the supply of quality potable water to the population.

Close collaboration with universities and professional institutions at home and abroad ensures additional effectiveness in solving technological and more complex environmental problems. Combining experience and proficiency, accumulated in our department for technological development, including help from laboratory and semi-industrial testing, we are developing our own technological procedures of treatment of wastewater and waste. These procedures are then included into complex technological assemblies, which are programmed for solving individual environmental problems.

Our solutions are never direct transfer of foreign technologies; they are optimally included into the complex solution of an environmental problem adapted to environmental, economic and social conditions in Slovenia as well as abroad. Thanks to long term experience and complex proficiency we decided to extend the activities of our company to production of thorough assessments of environmental impact, which is of key importance for siting of whichever structure or plant. Additionally, we are performing operational monitoring of wastewater in a number of companies, involved in various manufacturing processes.

Due to quality of our performance and references we obtained, the State of Slovenia gave us authorization for both activities.  Our technical counselling of companies is based on introduction of economically and environmentally most acceptable technologies and their best link-up into manufacturing process itself. The combination of experience and additional proficiency enables us to counsel industries and other manufacturing and service providers on the subject of environmental amelioration as well as acquisition of Certificate of management of environment in accordance with ISO 14001 Standard.




SGS ISO 9001
SGS ISO 14001

Beohidro doo, Skender begova 11a, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia; tel/fax: +381 (0)11 29 28 164

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