We deal with the task of wastewater treatment to a very large extent and with heavy emphasis on the quality of recently developed technologies using both physical and chemical procedures, which the basis of so called preliminary wastewater treatment. These procedures are sieving, percolation, mixing, filtration ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, coagulation, flocculation, flotation, sedimentation, ionic exchange, evaporation, neutralization, oxidational reduction processes, adsorption, absorption, panning and other physical and chemical operations.

Using such procedures we have developed also our own solutions for the wastewater treatment and recycling. We were especially successful in wastewater treatment and recycling in workshops of surface protection of metals, steel factories, tanneries, paper and textile mills, coal, copper and uranium mines as well as screening of ore and coal, organic and inorganic chemical industries, refineries and petrochemical industry, glassworks, municipal and special disposal dumps, etc. We have designed and built a large number of wastewater treatment plants in all these areas, all of them performing satisfactorily, some of them already a good number of years.

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